Overcoming the lack of conferencing attendee engagement in your meetings and webinars

21 June 2017  |   by Kamila Zaripova   |   No comments

We all know how much of a challenge it can be to retain people’s attention even when you’re presenting in a real-life meeting or classroom. This is even more true in a virtual environment with your web conference attendee. You can hear the pens being tapped, the deafening silence at key points in your presentation or, conversely, the distraction of the discussion getting out of hand. You have designed your presentation to capture the attention of your audience, so don’t let your delivery method detract from this.

Ask questions

We like to think it’s a given that you’ll talk about topics you know well and deliver engaging content. But another way to boost engagement is to ask your audience questions. Create ‘landmarks’ within your presentation or meeting, where you can conclude one section and then ask attendees questions about what you’ve covered so far. This will encourage your attendees to interact with you. Polling is a widely used feature and works well to increase engagement. But you can also ask your attendees directly about their thoughts on the topic.

Attendee Engagement

Overcome your web meeting attendee engagement problems

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What to do when your instant web meeting overruns… like really overruns

14 June 2017  |   by Kamila Zaripova   |   No comments

Your instant web meeting has just significantly overrun, I mean the allotted time is now an irrelevant fact of the meeting. Your team are in an engaging conversations about existing and new projects. You don’t want to put a sudden stop to what is being an effective online meeting, but at the same time you have the next meeting you need to host with a desk full of tasks with a tight deadline. At what stage does one effective instant meeting make the next meeting become ineffective. Enforcing a meeting end time and sticking to it is a must. A meeting which overruns is a meeting which has not been managed accordingly. This usually points to topics within the meeting being strung out or going off topic from the original agenda.

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TED Talk-inspired presentation skills you should be implementing into your webinar

8 June 2017  |   by Kamila Zaripova   |   No comments

At one point or another, everyone has had to give a presentation. Today, these presentations would typically take place online and most likely through webinars. Webinar presentations require skills which are not only dependent on your technical knowledge of the webinar or web meeting platform. In fact, there are some key skills which you can take from live presentations. And who better to learn from than the true masters of TED Talks presentations such as Bill Gates and Susan Cain? Sit tight for we will uncover the indispensable skills which can be used to can elevate the impact of your presentations.

Live Presentation Webinar skills

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We’ve disproved the 4 common web meeting misconceptions

7 June 2017  |   by Kamila Zaripova   |   No comments

Have you ever considered hosting a web meeting but then decided not to for one reason or another? This article is exactly for someone like you. Web meetings have become an integral part of any modern business environment. Yet web meeting software is surrounded with an array of misconceptions. If you are someone who dreads the thought of hosting an online meeting, we are here to disprove the common web meeting misconceptions. In fact, we believe that hosting a web meeting is just like riding a bicycle. And here is why:

Hosting a Web Meeting is like Riding a Bicycle

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