Why should all your meetings be browser-based?

23 March 2017  |   by Kamila Zaripova   |   No comments

Our face-to-face meetings are instant, once we actually make it to the meeting location. So why shouldn’t our web meetings be the same? After all, the main benefit of a web meeting is to increase accessibility and decrease barriers to entry. However, attendees are traditionally struck by the fear of downloading an application or ensuring their computer supports the selected solution. (Admit it, we’ve all been there).

Only last week I was invited to a web meeting using a third party solution. The solution requires a download, I assumed I had the latest version (having downloaded an update a week ago). Arriving 10 minutes before the meeting start time, I was faced with the requirement to further update my software. Everything was running through a secure network, so I needed to get approval and confirmation from our IT team before I could download it. Needless to say, this process took longer than 10 minutes, I arrived late which meant the meeting started on the wrong foot.

Web Meeting Browser

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There is no meeting like an effective meeting

22 March 2017  |   by Kamila Zaripova   |   No comments

Like anything we do within the business world, it is determined by its effectiveness and the benefits of doing so. Meetings are no different. If anything, they come in for extra scrutiny to be effective and deliver results. A meeting without tangible benefits is seen as not only a time waster for the host but also for the attendees. Here at Drum, we love the feeling of an effective meeting. There is nothing better then coming out of one knowing that your time was spent productively with tangible benefits moving forward.

Effective Meeting

Picture this, hosting an effective meeting is just like building a house of cards. You have to build a strong base which will serve as a platform supporting the top layers. Each card that is meticulously placed into your house is vital for maintaining the overall structure. Similar to this, an effective meeting is made up of various levels, or cards if you may, that in the end make it effective. Here is a list of what we deem to be the true elements to make up an effective meeting.

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The ideal type of device for your web meeting

16 March 2017  |   by Kamila Zaripova   |   No comments

It wasn’t that long ago that having a meeting or conference with clients or colleagues required extensive planning and scheduling, not to mention the expenses that had to be considered prior to each meeting. But technology has completely revolutionised the way we meet and collaborate. Thanks to this, you can now host web meetings and webinars that can be joined from almost anywhere in the world. A strong internet connection combined with a smart device means you can be an attendee – or even a host – of Drum’s web meeting or webinar, no matter where you are.

The rise of the internet and the immense variety of smart devices now available on the market has resulted in people accessing web meetings with many different devices. But not all of them are created equal when it comes to providing the best web meeting or webinar experience. Your smart device may provide you with a route into the meeting, but it might not deliver the best possible experience.

The Ideal device for your web meeting

The Ideal device for your web meeting

So we decided to share what we believe to be the best types of devices to use for joining your next webinar or web meeting. We’ve based our decisions on vital aspects such as usability, connectivity and overall user experience.

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4 things to consider when creating your webinar title

15 March 2017  |   by Kamila Zaripova   |   No comments

Your webinar title is going to tell your potential attendees everything they need to know about what to expect. The title provides the user with the agenda, the outcomes and how it is going to be conducted. You can have the most insightful webinar in the world, but if your title does not incite people to join, then no one will ever discover it. Getting this right is pivotal with a good title making all the difference. It is the first thing your attendees see, and we all know how important first impressions are. Without a correct title, your webinar could fail to reach the heights you require.

An effective title is likely to yield substantial results. You can expect to have an increased sign-up rate and a comparative attendance rate. Whilst the audience are likely to be your target audience with a direct desire to understand the topic (they are also increasingly likely to turn into customers and generate revenue for your organisation in the future!).

So you want to know how to write an awesome web title? Then buckle up and enjoy our invaluable tips.

Webinar Title Tips

Things to consider when creating your webinar title

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